Should Middle School Students Wear Uniforms Essay

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Middle school students must wear uniforms.
I am arguing against that middle school's student must wear uniforms, I think that kids need to express themselves and the best way to do so is with what you wear. There are kids who have worn uniforms and they say that it is uncomfortable to walk around in close you don't like. Schools that are making kids wear uniforms are taking control over those children, control only the parents should have. Kids need to learn how to be independent, when they wear uniforms they are being taught to follow. But let's ask our self this, “When they grow-up who are they going to follow?”. Independence is the key to freedom, I myself have never worn a uniform and I can't imagine what it is like for children to be told what to wear, do, and learn.

People say that uniforms will prevent bullying, but bullies don't only aim for what you wear, they aim at many
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It may decrease the amount of bullies, yet it makes you a target for bullies outside of the school. It also encourages discipline, yet not from the child's parent. After people read others opinions they usually vacillate, this is because they come to a epiphany of how many cons it brings to their children and themselves. Parents usually pick schools in hierarchy and those schools often require uniforms. Some people may wish to dress bourgeois but not all schools are immaculate.

Some people feel that school uniforms aren't flattering on this body type this may push down their confidence in many ways. Other kids say “School uniforms are ugly.” I mean I'm all about fashion and whoever says that is right. What person, that loves fashion, would wear a tie and a long skirt or khakis. Uniforms are just not needed in any way why should we go out of our way to get something we don't even like the look of. There are many ways to approach a child that is wearing something inappropriate dress code. This is allowing kids to express themselves

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