Should Minimum Wage Be Abolished Essay

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Today about sixty million people are relying on minimum wage or low income jobs to support themselves and or their families. An increase in the minimum wage can help many people live a more efficient life. It is believed that in order to live in a one bedroom rental in New York State at minimum wage you would have to work about ninety eight hours a week. After factoring in sleeping, someone working a minimum wage job trying to support themselves could have only fourteen hours a week of free time. With that said why is not the minimum wage increase? Minimum wage has not been increased any more than it is because many people are concerned as to what an increase in minimum wage will do to our economy.
If the minimum wage was set at a higher dollar amount it could increase wages for millions. One concern with increasing the minimum wage is that people believe that if the minimum wage is increased others will lose their job in order for employers to pay the new minimum wage. People believe their jobs will soon be replaced with robots. This however may not be true. Minimum wage goes up all the time and workers are not getting laid off because of this increase, but
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If I was in the situation that many people are in today where I could not pay bills I would be devastated. I would need to almost work around the clock just to try and support myself without any assistance from the government. Even then I still would not be able to fill a grocery basket with essentials at the end of the week. I hope people can start to see the positive effects of the minimum wage increase and not just the negatives. Yes prices may increase but they will not increase enough to have a negative effect on our economy. Also, jobs will not be replaced with robots because employers have to pay a few more dollars and hour for a worker. An increase in the minimum wage rate can and will help our economy
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