Should Minimum Wage Be Abolished

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In this article they are discussing minimum wage and the issue with how low it is and what problems it creates if we change it. I believe that if we change the minimum wage to $15 dollars an hour then prices for goods and services will go up because people are making more money and people will have more money to spend for goods and services. Also economic resources and natural resource that companies use to start up business would increase and natural resources are already limited. If we raise the price of goods then we are not really helping the economy, the economy would just become worse or be the same because of inflation and the raising of goods and services.We also have plenty of other problems such as the national debt to get rid of before getting raising the minimum wage. Raising the minimum wage would be an excellent thing if the prices of goods and services did not go up or if they raised the minimum wage higher than they raise the prices of goods and services. Also if we raise the minimum wage business will not hire as many people because they would be dishing out more money which would increase the unemployment rate. Also benefits that are given to workers and families such as food stamps or housing would probably be limited or decrease a lot because people…show more content…
Los Angeles and San Francisco, California, and Seattle, Washington, have already voted to increase their citywide minimum wage to that level. Clinton also agrees the national minimum wage should be higher than it is now. However, she has not said how much she thinks it should be raised. She has spoken approvingly of an effort in Congress to increase the minimum wage to $12 an hour nationwide. Whether she would support a minimum wage above that figure is uncertain, however. I also believe that this would be a better raise then $15 because then they might not raise the prices for goods and services as much or not at

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