Should Minimum Wage Be Increased?

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To raise or not to raise, that is the question, whether it is beneficial or not to the many businesses and minimum wage workers. This question remains answered as huge debates arise from simply stating the question. Many support raising the wage and have their arguments to back it up while others can also argue against it. Considering the benefits and the costs, the best option would be to raise the minimum wage. At this point the benefits seem significantly more important than the costs. Sure the costs cannot be ignored but in the long run the increase in wage can improve people’s lives outweighing the costs that exist. Some of the important benefits from increasing the minimum wage would be giving a better salary to the people who depend on that money to provide and support their families. In today’s current situation the minimum wage has people living in poverty because what they earn is not enough to support them. By raising the minimum wage people can get themselves above the poverty line as “A more recent…show more content…
Although raising their prices is an option it does not necessarily have to go in that route. Business can save money if they increase the wages because they would have less training to do meaning they spend less money on training new employees. Even if businesses raised their prices people would have more money so they could afford to buy the things at the higher prices and there is always the option of price controls to keep things from being too much. Then there is the motivation for advancement. This argument is reasonable in that some people would lack advancement but most would want better jobs as minimum wage paying jobs are not the most decent. There are also people who would like to advance but simply cannot due to other
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