Should Minimum Wage Be Raised Essay

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Should the minimum wage be raised?
Have you ever wondered why poverty is such a big deal today? The minimum wage is not as high as it should be for parents. The government needs to raise the minimum wage so parents are able to provide for their families and other things like that. As of today so many people are in poverty Because they don't get paid enough money at their job. The minimum wage actually has risen by a couple of cent.An increase in pay is necessary to provide support to the parent if they have children,need to feed their family, and provide essential needs.
First, The children,Families don't earn the pay they need to provide for their children(“procon.org”).The amount …show more content…

If the minimum wage was raised people wouldn’t have such a hard time paying these bills.

Third,If the minimum wage was raised, parents would be able to afford more things for their child(“Zipperer”).Children nowadays want lots of toys and cool items to have. If the minimum wage was to be raised a little, parents would have the money to get these items for them.

Fourth, The minimum wage needs to be raised so that families are able to pay for housing materials(“procon.org”). Families need house materials such as couches, showers, sinks to live a happy life. There Are many items that a house needs to be a home and parents try to get those things but it's hard due to the amount of minimum wage.

First,There’s some workplaces that don’t have the money to raise the minimum wage (‘’Moore’’).Most workplaces nowadays don’t make as much money for a raise in minimum wage. If the minimum wage gets raised not everyone will get …show more content…

Most workers wouldn’t receive they pay that they deserve.

Third,If the minimum wage was increased they would need to give raises to everyone (‘’Moore’’).Everyone would have to get a raise because of the increase of minimum wage.Most companies won't be able to afford that because they have other things to pay. Not everyone will get a raise then everyone will start to quit then they wouldn't be in business.

Fourth, The companies pay what they pay because their bill is expensive(‘’Moore’’).Companies have a lot of bills to pay so they wouldn't be able to pay everyone. If the bills aren’t paid they won’t have a business to begin with.

These arguments are not valid because…The families,children,teens need money to survive in this world and if the minimum wage doesn’t get raised they won't be able to have things. Having children,needing to feed family,and providing essential needs are reasons why minimum wage is necessary to be raised. Research shows that minimum wage needs to be raised to help so many things in life.Have you wondered what would happen if the minimum wage was raised to

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