Should Minimum Wage Be Raised

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Why not give the people more ? Minimum wage is a constant conversation in America. The current state of this controversial conversion in America is raising the current minimum wage, which are 7.25. As of today, 1.7 million Americans are living off minimum wage every year. These people are all living under the poverty line. The standard cost of living in America is $58,627. Too out of these 1.7 million Americans on minimum wage, only 21% of this number are teenagers, that leaves 79% being adults with families. Minimum wage should be raised because: some people could better support their family with more income, the economy could experience a boost , the quality of line could mean better workers, workers government program like social security food stamps and other government programs can be reduced and lastly taxes can lowered.…show more content…
Too the amount of government assistance can decrease. The decrease in government assistance could mean that taxes across the board can be lowered. Considering that taxes are a huge problem in this country i think that the minimum wage increase can mean happier people across the board. People don 't realize the massive amount of money we spend a year on government assistance. On average we spend $3.7 Trillion a year due to government assistance. Right now the quality of living in America isn 't necessarily high. Increasing minimum wage could mean better living conditions for people. If people have more access to disposable money then they can make the area around them more appealing some people might be able to do things for their kids that they couldn’t do
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