Minors Should Be Tried As Adults

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INTRODUCTION When young ones grow up, they are ordained with certain privileges like purchasing certain products meant for adults, given access to places previously age restricted and many more other such privileges. For the rationale of this study the definition of minors has been set at above 12years and below 18years. Juvenile courts try people falling into this age group and the sentences handed out are not as severe as those handed out to adults in case of atrocious crimes like; rape, murder, arson and drug abuse. This paper aims at finding out strong reasons to put emphasis on the demand that minors should be tried as adults. Minors commit appalling crimes same like the majors do and consequently no one ought to be excused from equal castigation. An offense is an offense and as minors who commit brutal crimes ought to be tried in the identical ways as adults. PROBLEM EXISTS As put by a senator in the year 1997, in many places, adolescents commit as many as ten to fifteen serious offences before anything serious is done to them this fact makes the whole juvenile justice system broken and archaic (Butts & Harrell 1998, p. 7). U.S. juvenile courts handled more than 1.7 million cases involving law-breaking charges that year (Sickmund, 1997). The rationale behind this…show more content…
They would distinguish that a crime like murder would get them an awfully long and excruciatingly painful punishment. They require recognizing that one cannot escape from the consequences of the acts committed. Parents need to be accountable for engraining their children with proper values and provide with an environment where the child can grow into a proper, sociable and confident adults. If the parents of these days essentially start being parents as well as stop letting TVs or video games, etc. bring up their children, then the issue that glares us right now in the present would have been nipped in the bud, decades
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