Should Nail Polish Be Allowed In Schools

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At St. Anne School, there are many rules that several students disagree with. For example, nail polish, shoes, phones, and eating restrictions. These are all rules that should be adjusted. Some rules are too strict and complicated to remember. Many students would be satisfied if these changes were made and wouldn’t abuse these new rules.

Nails polish is a very popular thing for girls in this current time. To many, there is an unfair color selection. No bright colors are allowed. Only pastel colors. There are also no designs allowed with the nail polish policy. No sparkles are allowed or simple designs like flowers and polka dots. Nail polish is a great way to show personality for girls. A similar rule to this is the shoe policy. Unfortunately, all students aren 't allowed to wear patterned shoes. Just like the nails, polka dots, plaid, sparkles and different prints are not allowed to be worn. Different colors are not permitted either. Currently, only black, white, red, blue, and nude shoes are allowed to be worn. Many students would like to be able to wear colors on tennis shoes too.Another rule that should be changed is the eating policy. Many students get hungry in class and find it hard to stay focused. Some may not have breakfast in the morning because there was no time. Eating in class would be a good rule to have. Many students may also have an emergency in the classroom or might need to contact a parent for some reason. You aren 't allowed to text in the hallway during passing periods. This would be a good rule to add. After the final bell at the end of the day, there is also
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I know that this will be good change to the school and will welcome more people to the St. Anne community. Students would be thrilled if these were changed. In the end, these St. Anne rules are disliked by many students and should be considered for a
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