Should Naps Be Allowed In Schools

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“Naps in Schools” 85% of mammals are polyphasic sleepers. Meaning that they sleep for short periods of time throughout the day, according to The National Sleep Humans or Homo-sapiens are apart of this mammal group. Students deserve time in school to take a short nap like 15-30 minutes. In doing this we will improve students mood and learning ability. People who take naps have an improved mood throughout the day, according to the National Sleep Many times people who didn’t get enough sleep at night can be very rude and unpleasant to be around throughout the rest of their day. This is a common problem for students due to the large mass of homework they receive. Thus keeping the student up for a long periods…show more content…
Geniuses such as Thomas Edison and Albert Einstein were known to take naps often throughout the day. Also some of the world 's greatest leaders such as Winston Churchill, the leader of the British military during WW2, and John F. Kennedy, the President of the United States during the Cuban missile crisis, took naps often as well. If these great leaders took naps throughout the day we should allow students to follow in their footsteps. Some people say there is no time during school hours and it would make the school days longer if students took naps. It is a reasonable argument, but they are wrong because if students were allowed to take a nap during homeroom and after test it would allow students to nap for 15-30 minutes, which is the proven amount of time for a nap according to the National Sleep Therefore there is time in a student 's day for them to take a nap if we would only allow it. In conclusion, students should be allowed to take naps during school. This is due to the fact that napping improves the mood and academic performance of the student. And that many great leaders take naps. Therefore, since we are mamma and part of the polyphasic sleeping group we should allow students to stick to the roots and nap during
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