Should Net Neutrality Be Open To The Internet?

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Net Neutrality has been a major problem. Yet many people are not aware of what it is and how it can benefit people who use the internet. Net Neutrality is the principle that the internet service providers and governments should treat all data on the internet equally, not discriminating or charging differently by who user, content, site, platform, application, type of attached equipment, or modes of communication. With net neutrality the government cannot control or regulate the internet. The president strongly supports net neutrality and making laws for the internet to be open. The internet should be an affordable accessibility to everyone with the same speed for the same price. Without Net neutrality, it can make a big impact on students, educators and all users of the internet. In this generation schools all over the world have require assignments to be done using the internet. Yet there are many people out there that have no way of accessing to the internet and cannot afford it. With open internet it allows it to be open to the general public. I strongly agree that it should be open to the public mostly for the ones attending college. There are many students that do…show more content…
Making it fast, fair to users without violating their freedom of expression and privacy. With the rules of the federal communications commission there will be no blocking, no throttling, or no paid prioritization. Allowing all educators, staff, consumers and users to open internet for them to do what they want when they want. No person will ever be over charged. Company’s websites will ever be slowed down if they are not able to pay a fee. The internet is an everyday useful and should be freely offered to the public. With the support of the president and the people net neutrality can protect the internet from internet service providers making it fast, fair, and equal to
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