Should Non-Violent Drug Offender Go To Prison

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Should non-violent drug offender go to prison?

Can you imagine how tragic our society would be if the laws were not enforced and maintained? All laws are put into place to protect people from harm, and shouldn’t be overlooked. If we make concessions for non-violent drug offenders then we are saying “it’s acceptable to break the law”.
You must know the "nonviolent" offenders populating our prisons are not college students caught with dime bags. They are dangerous people who fall into two classes: those who actually committed nonviolent offenses, and were convicted of those offenses or those who plea-bargained down from other offenses-likely violent offenses-and were convicted of a nonviolent offense. Like other addictive behaviors, drug addiction may have serious negative consequences, including academic failure, job loss, and a breakdown in personal relationships. Here's all you really need to know about so-called nonviolent offenders.
In 2004 the Bureau of Justice Statistics studied nonviolent offenders exiting state prisons. The …show more content…

Keep in mind, these are just the crimes that got them convicted. It’s hard to believe that if we want zero tolerance, all non-violent offenders should serve time in prison, as well as complete community services. All drug offenders should be held accountable for the crimes committed.
Secondly, it sets a harmfully negative example for kids when the drug offender get off easy and are not punished. We open the door to potentially violent drug crimes due to people who are high on drugs who use poor judgement, and could easily hurt someone or possibly injure or harm themselves. "Nonviolent" offenders sent to prison are not nice people. They could have committed any of the following crimes and still be classified "nonviolent": burglary, breaking and entering, grand theft auto, identity theft, drug trafficking, and the list go on and

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