Pros And Cons Of Bariatric Surgery

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Should obese people have bariatric surgery to lose weight?
Is exercising and dieting the only safe ways to lose weight for obese people? There are those who argue that an advance in medical technology has created other ways to safely lose weight especially for those people who are dangerously overweight. One such method is bariatric surgery. This method causes weight loss by control the amount of food the stomach can hold thus reducing the number of calories absorbed by the body. This method is available to people who have failed to lose weight through other treatments like a lifestyle change. It is also offered to people with life threating diseases that require them to safely lose their weight. The surgery has both advantages and disadvantages.
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Most obese people suffer from life-threatening conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes and heart diseases. Research shows that people with diabetes of level two are able to improve their health after undergoing bariatric surgery. These people are able to control their blood sugar better after undergoing surgery better than people who undergo other medical treatment for diabetes without undergoing the bariatric surgery. According to ScienceDaily (2014) one of the Internet’s most popular science news web sites, research indicates that many of diabetes patients are able to reduce the dependence on diabetic medication compared to those who use non-surgery weight treatment. The surgery is critical to reducing the risk connected with obesity such as high blood pressure and heart-related complications. This is because the affected people are able to reduce the risk of these diseases after the…show more content…
According to Rosales (2015) a doctor who have gastric sleeve blog, the most common reason why many people choose to undergo bariatric surgery is to improve the quality of their life and health rather than to improve their physical appearance. Furthermore, there are international standards set to indicate the persons who have to undergo surgery according to their mass body index. Because it is a known medical procedure, those who have to be enrolled in the treatment should not be disappointed to undergo the treatment. This clearly explains that cosmetic surgery is different from bariatric surgery. While the cosmetic surgery is aimed at change the physical appearance bariatric surgery is aimed at improving the health and wellbeing of a

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