Should Pap Have Custody In Huck Finn

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The court system had to decide if Pap should have custody of Huck again or not. The books show readers that the court system presented in the book really did not care whether the parent (in this case Pap) was working to support that child or the role they play in the child’s life. For example, Pap was alcoholic, he had never been fatherly to Huck as he grew up, he didn’t have a job, and he didn’t even live with Huck. The judge really did not care about Huck’s safety at all when he granted full custody to Pap. The judge chose to do this just because he was Huck’s biological dad. In fact, most important points the court failed to recognize are missing of evidence to show whether that the parents can take care of a child, safety of the home,
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