Pros And Cons Of Parenting Classes

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Should All Parents Attend Parenting Classes?

Arguing for or against the idea might take centuries, but I will pursue you to agree with the classes by giving valid reasons. Most of our parents play a difficult job by raising up the child. No one can imagine how difficult is that unless they have experienced it. The theory behind these classes is that many parents have not been raised in families with good parenting skills so they can learn from them. Parenting classes offer training sessions to give the parents ideas about what will they face, and prepare them for the first time. Not all parents accept it, some might say they don’t need it, but I think they all need it. With the classes, parents will be better prepared, they will know how to manage stress and they will also know how to discipline teenagers, which will result in less teen pregnancy, drug and alcohol use, violence, bullying, sexting, and juvenile crime.
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Some parents might say no one should tell me how to raise my children, everyone must raise their child as they wishes, I can answer them that not what you think is what will happen, raising a child must be under conditions that help them to improve, and that in the last years a lot of parents whom did not attend classes, their children had problems. I can also pursue him by showing a real life example of a successful program and their effect, according to a fall 2009 article published in The Future of Children. Author Richard P. Barth, dean of the school of social work at the University of Maryland-Baltimore, examined research on several programs: Focus on Families, the Thresholds Mothers’ Project and the Incredible Years.[1] The first program for a mother in methadone treatment, the second is for mothers with mental illness and the third for children with mental problems. All of these showed a positive
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