Should Parents Be Allowed To Spank Children

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Spanking remains a common, if controversial, childrearing practice in the United States (Gershoff, 2013). I believe that parents should be trusted with the freedom and responsibility of shaping their children’s behavior. Spanking can be one effective discipline option among the many options in a parents’ disciplinary process (Gershoff, 2013). I believe spanking, as a disciplinary action, is useful and should be administered within the proper guidelines.
Anderson and Anderson (2009), conducted a twenty-one item questionnaire using fifty‐nine practicing psychologists from Northwestern Pennsylvania about attitudes and practices related to the spanking of children. It was found that the majority of the respondents spanks their own children, felt that children need to be spanked, sometimes, and have no regrets about spanking their own
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I would want my children to understand that the small sting of a spanking is connected to a greater and often long-term pain of harmful choices. When I have a child, they will always receive a warning about their negative behavior before a spanking is given and will understand why they will receive this disciplinary action. If my child deliberately disobeys me, I will inform him or her of their upcoming spanking and take him or her to a private area. Afterward, I will have repeated the lesson that I would want my child to learn; so they understand and learn from this teaching experience. In today’s society, many parents try a friend to their children and withdraw from the idea of administering discipline (Pingleton, 2014). Conclusively, disciplining our sons and daughters is part of the tough work of parenting, but it will pay off in the long run. Parenting is a hard job, but I believe you can’t go wrong if you exercise a firm and consistent hand; with a soft and loving
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