Should Parents Spend Their Free Time

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INTRODUCTION Hook How to set up free time effectively for children is a common problem to every family. Some people think parents should plan for their children’s leisure time while others think children should decide how to use their free time for themselves. Background There are many parents allow their children to do what they like. As a result, they play games or watch TVs a lot. Some of these games can lead them to violent activities which are not good for their development. In the other hand, some parents decide all the things but do not know what they really want to do or not. Thesis statement In my opinion , parents should help their child to plan their free time in a suitable way. They need to be taught how to use their free time usefully and effectively. PARAGRAPH 1 Topic sentences Most of children usually want to spend their free time relaxing or doing things which are not useful for them .Therefore , to prevent children from spending all their leisure time on useless things , their parents should plan their’s leisure time. Supporting sentences There are a lagre number of children will choose playing video games , reading comic and watching TVs instead of reading books or playing some sport activities. They may think they have the right to relax after school, but sitting front of TVs or lying on bed all day are not good for their health and development. Parents can suggest they play outdoor sports , reading books or learning how to play a musical
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