Should Parents Use Physical Punishment Essay

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Should Parents Use Physical Punishments?

There have been many discussions about physical punishments of a parent to their child. It is one of the biggest challenges for most parents to manage their children 's behaviour. According to Bonnie Rochman (2011), a total of 80% of parent uses corporal punishments. This study shows that most parents feel that hitting a child for misbehaving is the only way that they learn from their mistakes. However, others feel that having to use this type of punishment will build anger and depression. Physical punishment to a child can be put into three main heading; Anti-social behavior, physical damage and grows fear and anger. Physical punishment should be banned as it causes damage to a child health and builds an unhealthy relationship between a parent and a child. First of all, anti-social behavior if one of the main affects that a child gets due to their Parent’s way punishments. Anti-social behavior is defined as mental behavior problems in a child, these types of behavior are as follows; stealing, fighting and also hurt people and animals. Having this type of anger inside a child can only be stopped if a parent treats them they way they should be treated. In Lynne Namke words (2002), she argues
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Physical damage can hurt a child in many ways. A child who is having a hard time growing up due to how their parents treat them will most likely get depressed, hard to sleep, over thinking and is hard to communicate with others. As David Elliman argues (2000), “the effect of physical punishment is connected with mental health problems, child abuse, and aggressiveness”. According to this report; Elliman is trying to show that giving out negativity to a child will feel less certain amount itself. In other words, a child will feel whatever they are doing is wrong and judge themselves on everything that happens; they do not feel very optimistic about their

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