Should People Be Allowed To Carry Guns Essay

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The biggest question remains, should civilians be allowed to carry guns. Many argue No, others yes. My opinion is that they should carry guns on them at all times. Reason being is because we might need to defend ourselves against tyranny one day. Many criminals are free on the streets and you never know when you might bump into one. Another reason would be a person could break into your home and may threaten your life. So many believe that the day might come where we might have to defend ourselves from our own government. I wouldn’t argue with that due to all the unnecessary killings that have been going on now. Well these killings have been going on for decades now except now since we are in the age of technology we can record anything and everything. Our own police get out of control most times, not all but most.…show more content…
One day there could be an intruder in your home and about to cause harm to your family , if you have a gun on you all you have to do is shoot the intruder thus saving your family. The average response time for police to arrive at your home is about six minutes, and a lot can happen within those six minutes. Sometimes depending where you live if you live in the country side a beer or wolf may break into your home to look for some food, you see this and don’t want your family to get hurt so if you have a gun you wouldn’t have a problem. You can also teach your children the importance and safety of gun control and handling that way when they are home alone they would have no problem defending themselves. In conclusion, I believe civilians should be allowed to carry weapons. They should have an extensive background check and take annual training courses. One reason is to defend yourself against tyranny. Another to avoid any encounters with criminals on the streets. Finally to be prepared to defend yourself or family from a home evasion. This is why we need weapons because this world is an unsafe
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