Should People Be Allowed To Keep Exotic Animals

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Exotic Animals Shouldn’t Be An Issue Exotic animal ownership is something that is highly debated by many people today and raises many questions. Should exotic animals such as: monkeys, tigers, lions and other such desert dwelling or jungle dwelling animals be allowed to be kept in captivity by humans. Or should they be able to just roam free in the wild? Many people would be inclined to say roam free because it is not “natural” for wild animals to be kept in captivity. Or they can potentially be very dangerous if they escape or turn on a person, they can also carry very deadly diseases. Despite these being true statements, there are many reported pitbull fatalities and attacks each year, along with rottweilers and other types of large and aggressive dogs. It also begs the question, is it humane to keep any animal in captivity. Or should having pets be banned in general? A very blatant statement for people who disagree with keeping exotic animals as pets is that it is unfair to the animal itself to be kept in captivity and that is very selfish of us as humans to contain such animals. Theoretically speaking, to argue the issue in that context is irrelevant because if it isn't fair to keep an exotic animal, then how is it fair to keep any animal at all? Just because one species of animal was…show more content…
The vote tally was 51% of people voted yes, exotic animals should be allowed as 49% selected no, they should not be allowed to be kept as pets. There were a few interesting opinions on both sides that people had written in explaining why they believe having exotic animals as pets should or should not be allowed, there were a few very intriguing answers. One person wrote in and said they believed that all animals can be tamed to a point, which is true, because every animal that is domesticated is still a part of its wild predecessor. It will still

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