Should People Be Allowed To Keep Pit Bull Dogs As Pets Essay

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Should people be allowed to keep pit-bull dogs as pets? Yes, People should be able to keep pit-bull dogs as pets. Pit bulls are just like other breeds of dogs. All breeds can attack when they feel like they or someone that they love is in danger. It’s all how they are raised. I know a lot of people that have them. “My uncle for one has 2 pit bulls. They are very gentle and loving. Their names are Shadow and Dingo. Both of them were abused by their previous owners. My uncle went and rescued them. Shadow was always kept in a crate and only let out once a day for 20 minutes. Dingo was being beaten. When my uncle picked them up they were not sure if they should trust someone else, but luckily they did. Keep this in mind also that my uncle has 4 young boys at home, and he was taken these two dogs there. These dogs could have been the ones that have been in the news and hearing about attacking and killing people, but these two dogs got a second chance. Therefore being part of a family that they can count on and love. Shadow and Dingo got to their new…show more content…
More than likely the people that get this type of dog would just train a different breed of dog such as german shepherds to do the same thing therefore, “banning pit bulls would make no progress”. “If it was determined that pit bulls were 5 times more likely to attack than any other dogs, that could mean that 5 out of 1 million pit bulls will attack in their lifetime instead of 1 out of 1 million. The point is the evidence that shows pit bulls are more likely to attack than other dogs is misinterpreted to mean that they are likely to attack”. “Pit Bulls are one of the best dog breeds, but aren 't for everyone”. Why ban this breed? If this was the case than other breeds should be banned

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