Should People Be Allowed To Keep Pitbulls Essay

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If you are like some people and think that pit bulls are dangerous, you are quite mistaken. Even though people think that pit bulls are vicious, they are actually really sweet and kind. Pit bulls do amazing acts for us, and they are excellent animals. People should be allowed to keep pit bulls as pets because they are protective, helpful, and well behaved animals. People should be allowed to keep pit bulls because they are protective animals. For example, an article by Kate Bratskeir states that when an intruder fired a gun at an owner in his house, Lefty, the pit bull, jumped in front of the bullet and got badly injured. Lefty suffered extreme injuries to her shoulder and leg, which unfortunately had to be amputated (Bratskeir). Lefty risked her life just so her owner was safe. Another reason would…show more content…
For example, in an article by pitbull_lover, pit bulls were used as working dogs and they were kept as hunters, guard dogs, and even herders and pets. They can still be used today for herding animals, protecting animals and crops on farms from ferocious animals, and guarding houses. Pit bulls are hard working dogs and they keep their hard work up. Also, pit bulls can work, serve in jobs such as detecting drugs and bombs, search and rescue, and agility and weight-pull (Bully Paws). Pit bulls are strong animals and have a great sense of smell so they are perfect for these kind of jobs. An article from stated that pit bulls have been known to sniff up drowning children or people from a long time ago, and they can see movement from farther distances that humans can. Additionally, in the story Pit Bulls: Everything You Need To Know, it says that pit bulls serve as therapy dogs and service dogs. Pit bulls are very useful to older people who are blind, deaf, handicapped, have a mental illness, or have diseases like Alzheimer's disease or
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