Should People Be Allowed To Vote Essay

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Americans have had the right to vote for who they want to lead our nation since the first election in 1789 when George Washington ran for president and was sworn into office on April 30,1789. Since we were given this right, people were able to have a voice and opinion on who they wanted to run this country we call home. Having the ability to vote is a pleasure since although it might not look like much, a vote can make a difference. Although voting means a lot to many people in america, it should not become mandatory because those who are forced to vote won’t have as much of an authentic vote, also they have their first amendment violated and people should have the say on whether they want to vote or not.

Around 220 million americans are
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This point of view makes sense since, as I said earlier, there are 100 million people that have not voted in the last election, this means that around 40 percent of those eligible to vote, do not. We are missing a huge gap in our societies opinions. However according to text 2 “Countries such as Venezuela and the Netherlands practised compulsory voting at one time but have since abolished it”. This means that there are countries that have tried it in the past, and it did not work. Lastly, since 100 million people vote the majority reason that people do not vote, do not vote because they do not have the knowledge for an educated answer. If America had the 100 million people that did not vote, vote, it would be very irrelevant since most of them do not have the background knowledge for an answer. Voting is something that should not become mandatory because people who do not care might choose people who aren’t fit for the job, votes aren’t as authentic and the first amendment is being violated. Voting is something that should be taken seriously because it leaves someone in the hands of an entire nation populated with over 300 million people. Making voting mandatory can have someone who shouldn’t be president win the election, the last thing we need is having this nation in the wrong
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