Should Pets Be Allowed In School

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Imagine you are at your desk at school doing your schoolwork. While you’re sitting there your furry little pet is sitting in your lap. Even if you don’t have a pet you could be petting somebody else’s. Wouldn’t this be great if it were true? Pets should be allowed in school and as classroom pets because, pets can show affection towards students to help students education, it could make students feel more at home, and students wouldn't be so stressed all the time.
First off, having pets can show affection towards students to help their education. As shown in the text,“The great thing about a dog being by other students, is that they can express affection, and that may be in short supply with a lot of these kids” (Hendrix 10). This quote shows
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As stated previously, at the law-school staff members brought in 15 dogs to relieve the student’s stress because they had their exams that day. This shows, pets can show love by being there for students when they’re stressed. Although, some people might say that animals at schools are being abused because they don’t like it but they can help students with their education based them feeling like they mean something. In the end, pets can help students by showing love and by helping students with their education which is why they should be allowed in schools.

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