Should Phones Be An Educational Tool Argumentative Essay

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argumentative For today i will be arguing about whether phones should be an educational tool. my argument is that it could help use a lot but still doesn 't help when people are inappropriate with the device. the reason for it to be a great tool for it is because something are not in the book so they help to find info to help them with there work or project. there is also so many way to go bad with using a phone as an educational tool but so many good thing about it too. would it be a good idea to let people use it in school for a educational tool? People say it a great tool for using it to have a way to go to help them in a project or class work. the reason I think it could help them is because it help them think more because from my own experiment it really does help me with with remembering maybe not…show more content…
People think that technology has taken over but really it has revolutionized the the whole world. The people can say all they want but whatever they can not stop every person that use the internet but they also could support it.That why i would say it is a good idea to say a phone could be an educational tool. The reason people say stuff they really do not know so they say that their doing something bad on it even though they really don 't know. The people have to take a second to look at the world around them kid do make mistake but just thank kid could get so much done if they could use their phone as an educational tool. People do not think of it that way they think kids are just wasting their brain cells on nothing but 65 percent of people in general use their phone on more than just games, texting, phone call, etc. people just do not understand what the world would be like if we did not have technology at all we would be all dead.That is what my conclusion is about this whole deal pickle about can a phone be an educational

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