Should Physical Force Be Criminalized Essay

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Should physical force as a form of discipline be criminalized?
Would you use physical force when disciplining your child? Disciplining children using physical force is simply controversial as each parent has various parenting techniques. However, this raises discussion about how ethical physical discipline truly is and whether or not is should be criminalized. Parents that do use physical force on their children would disapprove that this form of discipline should be criminalized because they have learned from their parents that this is the proper way to raise a child deeming physical force as an ethical form of discipline. On the other hand, those parents who are against this form of disciplinary action are educated on the harmful effects
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Physically punishing children can affect the child in the long term rather than short term, which is why many parents that physically punish their kids do not think that it is unethical. The long term affects to the children’s mental health is alarming as Time magazine stated that “The risk of depression alone was 1.4 times greater, which was the same rate for anxiety” (Rochman, 2012) also some of the other mental illnesses that are correlated with the use of physical punishment are mood and anxiety disorders, substance/alcohol abuse which can all hinder the lives of children maturing. Corporal punishment also imbeds anger into the child making them exhibit aggressive behaviors towards others in the article the case against spanking “researchers interviewed parents and children age 3 to 7 from more than 100 families. Children who were physically punished were more likely to endorse hitting as a means of resolving their conflicts with peers and siblings” (Smith, 2012, Pg. 60) this only proves that children will inherit their parent’s aggressive attitudes. The blame should be placed on parents as they are only contributing to a negative lifestyle for the growing
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