Why We Should Pitbulls Be Allowed As Pets

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ers.They also were kept as herders and pets. Irish immigrants respected the Pitbull breed. “Pitbulls haven’t always had a bad rep”

I am for Pitbulls because it is rarely seen that ``Pitbulls attack. They are also very popular. Pitbulls also don’t shed much. Pitbulls can be trained easily trained they are also great with children. “Pitbulls make good pets”

For the following reasons PitbulDo you think Pitbulls should be allowed as pets. Should people be allowed to keep Pitbulls as pets.

I am for Pitbulls being allowed as pets because if their is a fight that involves a dog and don’t know the breed they often say or mistake it as a Pitbull. “The Media and the Pitbull”

I am for Pitbulls because they are good guard dogs. Before Civil War
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