Should Pitbulls Be Banned Essay

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Pit Bulls

The bully breed come in all different sizes and color. Pit bulls are extremely muscular compared to other dogs, a pit is much more stronger. They use to be trained to fight so people can make money their reputation was horrible because they were forced to fight. They also are used as police dogs and many are put in muscle training. Many pit bulls are loving, protecting, nice, funny, and super cuddly and love kids. Pit bulls are getting banned for attacking or biting humans. The website says “In general pit bulls aren’t aggressive with people but are “less tolerant” of other dogs than many others breeds” says Pamela Reid. That is really true because they are such playful pets.
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Some cities they are not allowed and some are. They aren’t allowed some countries because they have attacked people and sometimes are still used in dog fighting. But “The three decades after officials in more than 700 cities throughout the country began passing bans and other restrictions.’’ Pit bull stories are not as common as before society is starting to bring them back.
In the countries that had them banned were debating if they should allow them or not to allow them. “Over 937 cities in the US have BSL legislation in place.” Most of the reason pit bulls bite is because they are terrified and are treated very poorly. You can find pit bulls chained up starving left for dead. No one to love them and that leaves them no choice to do good.
I like pit bulls because they have such a great personality and are very protective guard dogs. When I was twelve my family owned 2 pit bulls. We lived in Payette, Idaho. Our dogs that were pit bulls were banned. So therefor we had to move or have our dogs put down. Several months later people were still complaining about it. After, that there were no longer banned. Many places still have bans but not as many.. Overall there is still bans on pit bulls, but not as many as before. “Let 's stop banning pit
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