Should Pitbulls Be Banned

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Should pit bulls be banned Have you ever wondered why people think that pitbulls are so bad and how they are vicious animals? There are even some people trying to ban pit bulls. Is that even reasonable? Do pit bulls really put that much of a threat on people. They are just a dog there are alligators and other venomous snakes that are killing people and they aren 't banning them or doing harm to them. Pit bulls should not be banned because there are a lot of myths and people not caring of them properly. There are a lot of myths about pit bulls such as having locking jaws there is not a dog breed that has locking jaws. Another myth is that pit bulls are born to fight when the pit bull breed just started out they were none as the nanny dog because…show more content…
The problem with people and not pitbulls are people are trying to ban pit bulls and they are seizure detection dogs. They can also find children. There was a study that showed kids with reading disabilities would not read to a adult but they would read to a dog. If we got rid of pit bulls it would affect a large amount of citizens.another problem with people is that people believe the myths and share the myths and turn everybody against pit bulls.People do not train pit bulls right a lot of times and not treat them right so they show aggression towards people.people also blame dog bites against pit bulls and it wasn 't even the pit bull that did it. They are cross breeds a lot of time.People also think that pitbulls are for fighting dogs so people don 't get them because they believe that pit bulls are only to fight other dogs and they don 't do nothing else except fight. Counter argument When a city banned pit bulls from it the dog bite rates when down a lot. Pit bulls are super aggressive they are just all bad bloodline and they just bit people.In 2004 a city had 52 pit bull attacks on people then they put regulations on pit bulls. Over ten years there was only 13 as of 2013. Pit bulls should not be banned because people make rumor about them that arnt true and don 't take care of them properly so they show aggression. It would not be good to ban pit bulls because there are a lot of people that need them for disabilities or even being a part of a
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