Should Planned Parenthood Be Defunded

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Why Planned Parenthood Should not be Defunded by the Government
“Trying to block women from getting access to contraception or defunding Planned Parenthood is completely nonsensical from a policy standpoint.” - Richard Carmona, american physician and nurse. This is exactly why Planned Parenthood should not be defunded. It offers many things from contraception, abortion, cancer screenings and preventions along with much more. Also, if they were to be defunded and abortions could no longer go on, many more unplanned pregnancies would happen and the cost of welfare would escalate a lot. Lastly, the number of abortions would go up if Planned Parenthood were to be defunded.
Planned Parenthood offers more than just abortions, whilst they are a very small part of what Planned Parenthood offers. 42% of what they offer is STI/STD testing and treatment, 34% is contraception, an 11% is other women’s health services, 9% being cancer screening and prevention, then abortion at a small 3% of what they offer, while 1% is other services. This …show more content…

Inevitably, it would result in many more unplanned pregnancies which would equal more abortions. Really, if people want that number to go down they should be in favor of increasing the funding of Planned Parenthood. Supporting why the business should not be defunded since women would have the access to and be able to afford birth control and the number of abortions would go down, but if the government defunds them then women are not going to be able to get birth control to stop the unplanned pregnancy, which causes the abortions rise. Arguing to this the people wanting the defunding would say that the number of abortions would just continue to rise since Planned Parenthood if offering them. Which is untrue since they also offer contraception in which people could use to prevent unplanned pregnancies which lowers the abortion

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