Should Police Officers Be Allowed To Have Body Cameras Essay

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Watching Eyes Uh-oh, there’s another person getting pulled over again by the police. What did they do? Well that is answered by both the officer and the dash camera video the officer’s car provides. But what about when the officer steps out of their vehicle and approaches the person who is being pulled over? Well then the officer’s car is still viewing the stopped car and the officer. The officers have microphones that let the video also have a recording of what the officer is saying while they speaking to the person pulled over. Then what about when what is happening moves outside the dash camera’s line of sight? The audio is still present, but all that is known to have happened is whatever the officer and the person who was pulled over says…show more content…
Yes these cameras would make solving issues in cases much easier, but there are many who think this is a violation of their privacy to have an officer with a camera entering their house or looking into their car. It is understandable that someone would not want a rolling camera seeing into their home, but the ability to prove innocence or guilt in a court case should more than outweigh this temporary invasion. If someone is accused of something and the option of having a camera that could prove or revoke the accusation, or having no evidence to prove anything, which should be chosen? Should police officers carry body cameras? If so, should there be restrictions on when and where they can be used? Should officers always have a recording of everything they do? Should people be able to choose if an officer can record inside their home? There are two sides to everything, and both have their own points. There are both civilians and police who say that body cameras should be allowed, enforced and encouraged. The civilians saying that the extra eyes make sure they are treated fairly, and the officers saying that the cameras can help prevent them from being penalized for action that should have been taken. On the other end are those still uncomfortable with their crimes being recorded and officers who think that the body cameras are excessive and

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