Should Police Officers Be Allowed To Have A Gun Essay

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Police officers should be well equipped and have the best resources to combat crime. However, the defense equippements given by the state to the police officers should be aligned to the risks that they will face during their work routine. In this vein, not every police officer should carry all sorts of weapon, depending on the cirscumstances of their work, some would have to use weapons that are more or less lethal.
Firstly, if every police officer carries a gun in every situation the risk for society can be greater than the benefits. Having more guns circulating in cities would increase chances for silly fights or disputes ending tragically increases exponentially.
Secondly, there are some police officers routines that do not require having guns. For example, when a officer is simply patrolling crowded streets, having a gun is not only ineffective but also dangerous. Therefore, it would be better if there was a strict policy on gun use for everyone especially the police.
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Since even the police would not be allowed to have guns, those groups that are against gun control would lose their main argument which is that they have to defend themselves from the State which has unlimited access to weapons.
In sum, it was exposed that police officers should carry guns only for specific situations. Given that only some especially trained police units can be better prepared to carry guns, it would be better if government restrict the gun access for police officers that work in crowded areas where a non-leathal weapon would be more effective. Consequently, limiting the gun usage by police officers can help government to promote gun control policies, which would decrease
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