Should Police Officers Use Body Cameras Essay

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Police Officers should be Required to use Body Cameras On August 9, 2014, Michael Brown, an unarmed teenager was shot. He was killed by a police officer. The people in the town started protesting because they did not know why it happened. If the police officer had been using a body camera, the people would have been able to understand the situation better. There are several reasons why police officers should be required to use body cameras. The most logical argument is that body cameras can help clear police officers who are in a bad situation. Watching body cameras can reduce dishonesty in incident reports. If people watch body cameras, it will give them proven facts on misconducts and solve many crimes (Simon, Dan and Jim Bueermann). In…show more content…
A person reputation plays a big role in his or her life. Specifically, it plays a big role in police officer’s lives because they are supposed to be trustworthy. Most police officer do not kill people without a reason. The bad police officers are the people who give the good police officers a bad reputation. Ultimately, having body cameras is important because they will help show what really happens during an altercation. A police officer has to be trustworthy at all times even without the use of body cameras, but they will help protect his reputation. My opposition believes that using body cameras invades the privacy of police officers. Although police officers deserve privacy, the public should know what is going on. So many unsolved crimes are happening that body cameras will be a big help to the people. If the police used body cameras, the people would have known what happened to Michael Brown. Body cameras are very important because they can catch people in the wrong. Many innocent people are being killed for no reason at all. However, many people heard about the Michael Brown situation. If the police had been using a body camera, he might would have thought about the whole conflict. The use of body cameras can help in any way
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