Should Police Officers Wear Body Cameras Essay

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Should Police Officers Wear Body Cameras?
Every year innocent people are put in jail. The issue about this is that it is very hard to decide who is right. When it comes to court trials, there has to be enough evidence to prove whether the person is guilty or innocent. One could be lying, but make it believable. The other could be telling the truth, but does not have enough evidence. The same for police officers, they all aren't honest or trustworthy. Although police should wear body camera while they are on duty, this is also invading people's privacy.
Police officers need to insure the safety and trust of the citizens by wearing body camera. One argument is that some people believe that body cameras will invade people's privacy. Yes, everyone has the right to keep their issues private, but the officers
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One example is that citizens will also change their attitude and behavior. Knowing they are being recorded, it is more likely that they'll change their attitude. Body cameras will also restrain the citizens. Knowing that both their actions and words are being recording, it will give them second thoughts about how to act in public. Another example is that it helped citizens drop their complaints. After one year of body cameras, it showed the the complaints from citizens dropped about 90 percent. Body cameras help citizens with controlling their attitude and behavior.
Therefore, using body cameras will be a great idea for this country. Body camera will be very useful to support a case. Having a video for a case will be a great evidence to prove someone is guilty or innocent. Not only its very helpful towards a case but it will also show the police officers behavior towards other people. It will also help citizens attitude and behavior towards the officers or people Even though it will invade their privacy but this will help maintain a good condition towards the
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