Should Police Use Body Cameras Essay

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The innovation of cameras being smaller and more effective, police officers can use these cameras to help them. An example of this, is The University of South Florida did a study on the Orlando Police department and found found that police officer equipped with body cameras effectively improved their behavior and interaction with the public. They gathered 46 officers to wear the body cameras while the other 43 officers did not wear one and study their behavior for 12 months. What they found is that citizen response to resistance dropped 53 percent and civilian complaints against the officer declined 65 percent as well. What officers reported on the study that the camera changed a citizen behavior and begin to settle the confrontation.

With more police department requiring police officers to use body cameras, there has been an improvement with police performance with the community. Police use of force has always been a controversial topic and concern with the community. The fact policing exercising their power to maintain peace, justified or unjustified, could potentially ruin their reputation and trust in the public. A solution to address this issue is requiring police officers to use body cameras as they are able to review the video to correctly determine if the action is proportionate to the situation.
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Police officers are trained to use proper operation and care of the body cameras to ensure they are effectively used. As they police are responsible for the cameras, they must regularly inspect and maintain the device. The body cameras will be operated based on the manufacturers guideline and police department preference. Police officer will immediately report the body camera has a malfunction or not working at all. Lastly, depending on the police department, police officers will put their cameras on top of their shirt pocket to effectively
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