Should Pony Boy Go To Foster Care Or Not

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We are here at court today to debating whether Pony boy should go to foster care or not. He should not go because he would feel like nobody wants him. Foster Care is the worst place to send a child. When a child is sent off and they are not they could start changing their attitude and, become rebellious. There are about 2,000,000 millions of children that always get sent off to foster care, because they are not wanted. My question is how would it make a difference sending him away because he is not living the right way? It will only make him worse than he is now. Foster Care is the worst place to send a child. The reason why is because a foster care home is where kids are not wanted, and there are many there. In foster care, you are not the same as you were with your family. It makes kids change there perspective in a bad way. For example, some people say Pony boy should be sent off. The question is...What if you were in his place? What if he starts to fail from stress and wants to drop out of school? These are the kind of questions that need to come to mind. Pony boy is a sweet child, and makes straight A 's. He could do many things in life and if we send him off, it could mess up his career. Also, sending him off …show more content…

He would be disappointed. As the foster care could do severe damage to Pony boy. There are things said that Pony boy is not in a good environment, he smokes, he is a greaser so that means he is poor. Though he might not be living in a good environment, but he also has straight A 's. Then, he smokes but does that make him quit school, and might be poor, but Darry always provides with the things they need. He also has friends at his schools taking him away from his school and his environment. It will be a tough time for him to get friends again. He could get bullied but moving him into a different environment, and the clothes he wear could also get him picked

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