Should Pop Vending Machines Be Allowed In Middle Schools Essay

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Should Soda Pop Vending Machines Be Permit on Middle School and High School Campuses?

In many schools, soda pop vending machines would be the essay way to provide a popular drink such as coke in middle schools even in high schools but can you imagine if this will be continued? For many reasons this product can be the majority of problems in obesity in more diseases why? coke contain a substance harmful for our health, the way how we manipulate this type of drink, well there are some information that infers. For example: it can helpful, coke can be good cleaner for toiler because it can remove stains from vitreous china and other one example, it can remove grease from clothes. In many ways coke can be affected the body of our children. Moreover, water can be a good replacement for coke, it has a lot benefits for many reasons and we can reflect what contradict if is better chose water or coke?
First, drinks are becoming a part our lives every single day because we are the biggest consumer of this exquisite, addictive and especially that we cannot leave, but my question here is coke is healthier than water? Absolutely not, because water is healthy in many aspects it does not contain a heavy sugar, and it does not expire, once you open you can put in a refrigerator and noting
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Because in certain way affects in many families, and soda is coming directly from factory and it has another process to get and transported to store or schools that is more expensive than water. For instance, water should be more used than soda in schools since drinking 5 glasses of water daily decreases the risk or certain problems of
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