Should Prayer Be Allowed In School Essay

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Prayer Should Be Allowed In Schools Most people believe that prayer is a waste of time, and should not be allowed in school. Even though religions are diverse, prayer should be allowed, or at least an option. Prayer should be allowed in schools because not everyone who wants to go to a religious school can, those who believe in God should be able to freely worship in school, and people accuse prayer of being controversial, when teachings such as evolution and global warming are controversial. Prayer should be allowed in school because not everyone can afford to pay the pricey fees of religious schools. Religious schools are very expensive. The average price for a private religious school is $13,000. The estimated average price of a public high school is $10,000; that’s a 3,000 dollar difference which a lot of people don’t have. If everyone was able to pay for religious schools, than this wouldn’t be a problem because we can pray freely at a religious school. Another issue is that not all…show more content…
Prayer should be allowed in school because some people who want to go to a religious school cannot because of the cost and some areas do not have religious schools around, people who believe in God or just want to pray have a right to freely pray due to the first amendment which says congress cannot make laws against religious practices, and it is said that prayer is controversial, although some teachings taught in school are extremely controversial, so it would not be fair to rule out prayer because not everyone believes in it. Some people don’t believe in polytheistic teachings, yet it is mentioned in social studies books all around. As you can see, prayer in school would not only benefit individuals but groups of people. Prayer in school helps, and does not hurt. In addition to this if any institution doesn’t allow an individual to pray in the U.S.A, it is unconstitutional and infringes on the right of the
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