Should Prisoners Be Allowed In Prison

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From the minute we are born, we obtain a set of rights that no one can take from us. For prisoners’ things are different. Like any other person, prisoners are entitled to their basic human rights. The only right they are limited to is their freedom, since they are in confinement. Some of the rights they have include: rights to medical services, the right against physical assault, and unrestricted access to the courts. Although these rights can only be taken if the prisoner poses as a threat to prison security or the safety of other inmates, many correctional officers violate their rights for no reason and get away with it. This is something that needs to change because prisoners are humans just like everyone else and their rights should be…show more content…
In November 2013 three correctional officers beat an inmate who sustained life-threatening injuries and was hospitalized for 17 days. When officers tried putting Kevin Moore in the ward for the mentally ill, he refused saying he didn’t want his record depicting him as "a monster". Officers then forced Moore to the ground beating him with their fists and batons laughing while saying, "Who's a monster now?". A handful of Moore's dreadlocks had been ripped out an officer allegedly went back to retrieve them as "a trophy". The inmate came out of the fight with five fractured ribs, a collapsed lung, and facial fractures in multiple areas. To try and cover up the incident the three officers began to fabricate injuries of their own. Over the past decade, the female inmates at Lowell Correctional Institution have reported tons of corruption, torment and sexual abuse against officers. It has been said that officers use their higher power to force themselves on the women and often reward them for complying with soap, makeup, and sanitary pads. However, if the women don’t comply they are harassed, humiliated and are threatened with being sent to confinement. Many of these women feel like no one is punished for the things done to
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