Should Prisoners Have To Work For America

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Nowadays prisoners have more luxury items than normal. They are blessed to have television, games, smoke shops, health care, hot meals and more. Prison should not be easy with everything given to them for free, prison should be hard and meant to punish them and teach them a lesson for breaking the law. The prisoners of America do not deserve the ideal treatment that they receive. The money that is spent on prisons and the prisoners could benefit the citizens of America in another way. The amount of money that comes from taxes alone could help build houses for those in need, help pay off student loans or even give money back to the hard working Americans. “The total cost of Colorado’s prisons—to incarcerate an average daily population of 19,958—was therefore $606.2 million, of which 3.5 percent were costs outside the corrections budget” (Vera 1). This money goes to items such as televisions, health care, beds, luxury items, hot meals, coffee, and cigarettes. The list goes on although prisoners were put into jail because they are harmful to society. “If we were to cut out coffee and hot meals for the inmates,…show more content…
The good prisoners should have working privileges outside of the person to provide for the needs like food, televisions, and health care. Study shows prisoners that are employed do better in and out of prison than those who aren 't working. If prisons were efficient enough to grow their own food and livestock, then their work will have made their punishment more fair for them and make the taxpayers not have to pay as much to support them. This good to have because prisoner have to work for everything just like a regular citizen. This will allow taxpayers to pay less for the prisons needs. “Working prisoners benefit the economy” (Reynolds). It 's unfair to the citizen how the prisoners get everything handed to them by taxpayers money. The prisoners should have to work off their debt to

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