Should Professional Athletes Be Allowed To Protest Essay

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Professional athletes around the nation are using their status to protest against racial inequality. People say that athletes should be allowed to protest the way they are for events taking place today. Professional athletes should not be able to use their status to protest the events happening in the world. Professional athletes sometimes take the protesting way to far. For example, protesting during a country's national anthem is not directed just at the people it is directed at that country. During the 1968 summer olympics in Mexico city two men were expelled for holding up black gloved fusts during the National Anthem. These men were trying to protest, but they weren't protesting the people, these men were disrespecting their country. Furthermore, some acts of protest can be offensive to other people. In july, Minnesota Lynx players wore black lives matter t-shirts to protest against police brutality. Four off duty police officers providing security for the event walked off the job. Athletes can do other protests than offending someone. Ultimately, if a professional athlete wants to protest, there are different ways than disrespecting a national anthem. Colin kaepernick and…show more content…
Chip kelly, kaepernick's coach stated “it was his right as a citizen”. In other words stating that we have the right to protest our beliefs. By kaepernick protesting the national anthem he is protesting america. Professional athletes shouldn’t protest the country they live in. Police officers may have failed the american community but no one is perfect. In my opinion I think that professional athletes should not be able to use their status to protest the events happening in the world. People who support those in favor of insulting america need to step back and realize what they are doing. When it all comes down to it we as citizens need to realize that people make mistakes, no one is
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