Should Professional Athletes Be Paid Essay

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People would rather spend the majority of their time playing football with the fear of losing a game, rather than spend their time fighting for their country with the fear of losing their lives. Statistics have shown that people would rather play football than actually do something as physically demanding as the military. The fear of losing a game is a lot less than the stress and fear of losing a life in real combat. There has been a vast debate going on for a great amount of time on whether the military should receive higher pay than professional athletes. The military has a right to receive more pay than professional athletes because the people in the military risk their lives, they spend a majority of their time away from home, and military personnel do not have the living luxuries that professional athletes seem to have. According to Senator John McCain, people in the military receive barely enough money to maintain a normal or middle class life. Military personnel often volunteer to do a job in which their superiors ask them to risk their lives, whereas professional athletes volunteer to play their favorite game in front of thousands of fans to show off their abilities. Granted, entertainment acts as a necessity in today’s world, but it does not have the importance as some other jobs do. These…show more content…
Without the freedom that Americans endure from the military, there would not be any football or any sports as a matter of fact. While the individuals in the military spend their time risking their lives for little pay, athletes spend their time performing for their fans and making millions of dollars doing what they love. Overall, the individuals who grant us freedom should receive more pay more than individuals who grant us
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