Should Professional Athletes Be Paid

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“If anyone in our society deserves to make such a great amount of money, professional athletes must be near the top of the list” Writer Andrew Detwiler. The annual salary for a professional athletes can range anywhere from $25,650-$38,615 a year. Athletes work hard, sacrifice normal living, and are huge role models for the youth. For all that they do the leagues should not impose salary caps for athletes pay. Professional athletes are paid what they deserve; not only do they work hard but sacrifice a lot of normal living. While most people only see the athletes on the court or on the field, they don’t get to see behind the senses and see what the athletes must do. Athletes can spend months at a time away from home, and on the road. Instead…show more content…
“Senior Analyst Mihir Bhagat. Not only must athletes sacrifice normal living, and work hard. They must also set good examples for the youth, public, and the team. Professional athletes are role models for the youth all over the worlds. The cameras are on them all the time so they must keep a good public image, if not they could possibly lose millions. Despite making millions athletes still have to be cautious of their actions and image on the youth. Most people complain about athletes making more money than police officers, teachers, and doctors; which in their eyes play a huge role in today’s society. “In today’s society one should be paid according to the jobs economic importance and their value to society.” Senior Analyst Mihir Bhagat. While this is true there are also other jobs that make more money than people in those professions; such as computer programmers, and fashion designers. Why should an athlete take a pay cut if those other professions which are under such high requirements under their profession. All in all professional leagues should not impose salary caps for professional athletes. They should not take pay cuts because of their hard work, sacrifice, and impact on today’s youth. Athletes are a perfect example of what hard work and dedication can get you in
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