Essay On There Should Be Mandatory In Public Schools

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There are public schools all over the world and those in public schools are not getting the proper education that they need. It seems public schools only provide the public with the bare minimum. This bare minimum can become very discouraging to parents, students and the entire public community in which the school is. Most Supreme Court rulings agree that school districts across the nation, and across the world, really only need to provide the bare minimum legally. This present an issue, if the professionals are only supposed to give the bare minimum then they themselves will be given the bare minimum. The reality is that most school professionals give way more than the bare minimum because even though they are supposed to just meet the requirements of…show more content…
Although, many options exist and no matter where you stand on the issue on how to educate our youth or children, all the funding should exist even more so in our public schools especially in the early years pre-k and kindergarten or elementary school students. This is so important because even if people are all for charter schools, private schools or home schools; those special students will eventually have to work and live next to majority of the students who went through public schools and it is very important that the public school kids get the absolute best guidance through their early years. If we do not give them everything we got we will end up with many problems. The problems we will have are not just people who have low reading and math skills but also potentially people who have low self-esteem and have many different mental problems. Public school funding goes beyond simply reading, writing, and math. There are so many extra activities in school that every child should get a chance to be a part of including guidance and other mental health activities that will help him be a better person. This will make America
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