Should Refugees Be Allowed In America

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Refugees are people who leave their home country in order to seek safety. Over the past several years, terrorist acts against United States, plus the Paris attack, media is labeling terrorism as mulsim.Terrorists attacks affect all of us .we experience sorrow and anger at the loss of life. However, for Muslim there is another layer of grief which is the terrorist label. We become suspicion, we are call terrorist. After the terrorists’ attacks in Paris some states say that they will refuse to take any Muslim refugee from Syria, they will only focus on helping the Christians refugee. Christian refugee and Muslim refugee both are fleeing violence. Muslims refugee should be allow in America regardless their religion because Muslims refugee aren’t…show more content…
Muslim come in all different ethnicities and different backgrounds but what we all share in common is the holy book (Quran) and follow its rule. Most of the people that give their opinion about Islam and blaming Muslim for terrorism didn’t read the Quran. Because if they did, they would know what a real Muslim is capable of. As a Muslim, Islam doesn’t teach support terrorism. It is mention in the Quran that killing one soul is like killing all mankind and saving one soul is like saving all mankind. However, we don’t know what those attackers really are, but we know that they aren’t Muslim. Or if they call themselves Muslim they not following what Islam thought us, killing an innocent person is a huge sin in Islam. “One tweet explains why you should never Blame all Muslim for terrorism”, in this article Halltiwanger, john discusses about the tweets that have been posted in Friday, the day Paris was attacked .There were a lot of tweets, almost of the tweets was blaming the entire Muslim for being responsible of the terrorist attacks, for example these tweet says: “Muslim terrorize the world even more today, senseless murders in Paris. Islam is disguising.” But there was one tweets which said ” To people blaming refugees for attacking Paris tonight .Do you not realize these are the people the refugees are trying to run away” . This tweets shows that Islam and ISIS are different. It shows…show more content…
In his article, James Robbins talks about how Obama’s opinion which is America should not have religion test to allow refugee to enter in United States. Obama said that American shouldn’t push back Muslim refugee and accept Christian’s refugee, he thinks that’s shameful. I totally agree with what Obama said, America don’t compare religion. I thought the United States of America had a first amendment which is freedom of religion. The government should never trump one religion over another. Equality right? But I don’t think most people get that. We should not refuse to help someone regardless of their religion. We are all free to choose whatever religion we want. Our beliefs are what different us, but at the end of the day we are all human being. Muslims refugees should be allow in America just like anyone else. James also mention his article some reasons why American don’t want to accept Muslims refugee, because the last terrorists attacks that happened in Paris was conducted by refugees .Therefore , Americans thinks that the terrorism may be hiding among those refugees. I understand their fear, we are all terrified, but that shouldn’t keep America from assisting the ones in
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