Should Refugees Be Allowed To Stay In A Country

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The next problem was if the refugees were allowed to stay in a country. Countries were not prepared for the amounts of refugees they were receiving. The refugees were running into problems when they were coming into the countries. They found that the states did not have enough food, shelter, or other resources. They came into a country that was giving them places to live that were not planned for them such as abandoned buildings, schools, airports. Countries had to improvise shelters and were running out of food to provide for them. The conditions some refugees were facing were unlivable. They were finding ways to make living in the EU horrible for refugees. Camps were built for refugees to be able to use while they were being processed, but these camps were in horrible conditions, it was like the states were trying to push them out. The different states were basically incarcerating refugees by giving them a place to stay but they could not leave them. These camps where they were staying were in horrible…show more content…
Many things could have been set in place in order for the refugee crisis to be handled better. For instance, the Dublin III agreement could have been eliminated and countries could have taken refugees regardless of where they first entered the EU. Instead of wasting time focusing on who should be given asylum, that time could have been used to find places for the refugees to stay and find a better solution together. The EU failed in coming together to work out this problem, instead they abandoned Greece and Italy with the rush of the refugees. The EU has the responsibility to protect people from injustices and if they were not able to protect people in their country, then they had the responsibility to protect them and help them once they reached the EU. This doesn 't not mean that just one country is responsible for helping refugees, this means the whole EU is responsible to find out a way to helping

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