Should Responsible Drivers Be Taken Off The Streets Essay

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Should poor, irresponsible drivers be taken off the streets? Drivers should have consequences for texting, drinking, or even being tired on the road. Poor drivers should not be given the privilege of driving for many reasons. Many innocent people are being killed or even injured because of this. One major problem that’s going on out there is texting and driving. Texting and driving can not only put the driver in danger, but can put other passengers in danger as well. Drivers can take their eyes off of the road for five seconds at a time just by looking at a text from a friend. The number of people dying and getting hurt from distracted drivers are increasing. 421,000 people got hurt from a driver that was texting and driving in 2012 and 424,000…show more content…
Drinking and driving can not only hurt people, you could be criminalized for taking someone else's life or even injuring them. Being intoxicated can mess up vision and sense of judgment. If the driver's BAC is 0.08%, the driver is considered drunk and can face rigorous charges and suspension of the license. The charges are harsh for many reasons. Police have to keep everyone safe on the roads. Too many deaths and injuries occur from this form of irresponsible driving. Getting these drivers off of the road can help the community in so many…show more content…
Putting these things into precaution while driving can save the lives of passengers as well as drivers. Texting and driving rates are going up year by year and continue to go up. Texting and driving is not a safe thing to do, especially with others in the vehicle. When others are in the vehicle, passengers get tempted to do the same thing in their own car. When accidents do occur, however, families and friends all have to come together and mourn. On September 5, 2012, 17 year old Deianerah Logan died on her first day of school due to distracted driving. Logan ran into the back of a school bus full of
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