Should Romeo And Juliet Be Taught In Schools Essay

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Ahh...yes Shakespeare, considered to be one of the most creative and inspiring playwrights known to mankind he? For many years, Shakespeare has been known for many famous plays and portrayed as a genius in the Elizabethan era. To most people when the topic of Shakespeare is brought up, the first thing that comes to mind is “Hey isn’t that the guy who wrote Romeo and Juliet?”. Romeo and Juliet is known worldwide and is taught as a part of the ninth grade curriculum. Shakespeare’s literature should not be included in the ninth grade curriculum because students in it have a hard time understanding the content and most freshmen have little to no interest. Although most teachers seem to love Shakespeare, most students do not. In the article, “Why do we force students to read Shakespeare?”, According to Rajat Bhageria“Truly,forcing students to do something in which they have so little interest will most probably result students not reading or contemplating-the main goal of English-the books at all” By teaching Shakespeare, schools…show more content…
In the article, “On the Bard’s birthday, is Shakespeare still relevant?” Alexandra Petri suggests “They’re works we enjoy as a species. Shakespeare offers a roadmap to the human.” (pg.374) This quote gives the suggestion “roadmap to the human”,which signifies that Shakespeare’s characters give connections to the behaviors of humans. Even though it’s agreed upon that the books give insights on the human behavior there is extensive amount of difference. Resembling what was mentioned before, today’s teen, with certain exceptions, do not jump into the decision of marrying someone on the same week they met. Since the lifestyle of shakespeare’s time compared to today’s style of living are uncommon, adolescents have a new set of problems even though there are similarities with physical
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