Should Rugby Be Allowed In Riverland Essay

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This topic has been spoken about highly; many people are pushing towards getting this amazing sport into the Riverland, to bring the many rugby fans and community together. Though many people are dismissing the sport not only due to its dangerous nature, but also because of the expenses that might need to be paid to bring the idea forth. So the question is, should contact rugby be allowed in the Riverland? If the sport was allowed to be played in the Riverland, it would be set up like other respective sports in the Riverland, such as football, cricket and soccer. By creating clubs respectively in each suburb, Berri, Renmark, Loxton, etc. This would bring an overwhelming amount of people to the sport from all of the Riverland. In the long run,…show more content…
While playing rugby there could be possible injuries that could severely impact on a person’s life. Or in a really bad situation could be life threatening. Statistics show that 31.2% of injuries is caused by being tackled, which happens on a gamely basis. And when injuries do occur, it is shown that nearly 60% of all injuries are made up of sprains and strains, even though the risk of more major things such as fractures, superficial injuries and concussions are all under 10%, it is still a possibility that someone could get seriously injured while playing . Some people could take this overwhelmingly and would want to stay away from playing. There could also be the problem of drug influences, players could take them to make them play better or take them because they might not be feeling they are good enough to play, whether or not that is peer pressure. In conclusion, should contact rugby be allowed to be played in the Riverland in my opinion, absolutely. A huge amount of people would come and play, bringing the community closer and putting the Riverland on the map. Yes there are the negatives of possible injury and drug problems; they can both be strictly monitored, making the sport fair and fun for everyone. Bringing rugby to the Riverland would be financially successful and would give the fans of Rugby the care and attention it should be

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