Should School Be All Year Around Essay

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One reason why School should not be all year around. School should not be all year around because kids need a break . The electric bill will increase a lot more over the summer.
It would be way more kids absent then there is in a normal school year a lot of schools already have a big problem with attends. School all year around would also result in a lot of drop outs because kids will get tired of coming to school. Another reason why kids shouldn't go to school all year because Some schools can't afford air condition in the summer. There are many reason to why school should not be all year around. Summer give kids time to mature. School is already stressful and going to school without a long break would be even more stressful you wouldn't have time to let your brain rest. I’snt 10 months of school good enough ? One of the other two reasons why school should not be all year around least Rising cost would make the school lose a lot more money by having to use the air in the
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Parents might have to take time off from work every so often to keep their children company during breaks. Also, those who don’t have relatives or friends to watch over their children have to find childcare solutions. Even worse, some kids are left alone at home just so parents can continue to work.
For older students, breaks mean a time to earn income from a full-time summer job. However, with short breaks, that might not be possible as some businesses might not be willing to take on someone who will most definitely leave after just a few days.
There are many reasons why school should not be all year around but there's also some reasons why school should be all year around. One reason is kids can get a lot more learning in then if school was regular. If some kids were having a hard time at home and they couldn't afford food they would atleast get breakfast and lunch. These are the main reasons why school should not be all year
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