Should School Start Later In The Morning Essay

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Everyone has experienced or heard of what it’s like dragging yourself out of bed early in the morning for school. It gets mentally exhausting, especially if you do it for five days out of every week. Some kids don’t get to go to bed till late because some do sports and some nights they have late games which just makes it more exhausting for kids. This is why schools should start later in the morning, it will give the kids more time to get their healthy sleeping hours so they are not sleep deprived and unhappy. Schools all across the United States start at different times, but they all are in the same range. In my district, the elementary school starts the latest and the junior high starts the earliest. It would make sense if the high school started the earliest because they are the oldest but the junior high starts the earliest because it has to deal with the busing system. The buses get the high school students and the junior high students and fit them on buses, drop the junior high kids off and then the high school students. After dropping all of the junior high and high school students off, the buses get the elementary students and drop them off at the elementary. Sleep is an important role in our health. Sleep allows young children to grow. There are a lot of reasons…show more content…
If kids are not getting a good night's rest then their health and emotions can take a toll. According to a hospital is South Korea if you don’t get enough sleep at night you are at an increased rate of blood clotting (“Good Quality Sleep May Build Healthy Hearts”, 1). Researchers also found that young and middle-aged men and women that don’t get enough sleep show the beginning stages of blocked arteries (“Good Quality Sleep May Build Healthy Hearts”, 1). This means that if kids don’t get the sleep they need today, it is going to affect them if they have the same habits that they do now, it may have deadly effects in their
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